Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in a luncheon hosted by NAWBO Greater Raleigh entitled, “Being Multi-Million: Business Growth & Succession Strategies from NC WBOs.” For two hours, attendees were graced with wisdom, wit, and takeaways shared by panelists Amy Edge (Leading Edge Institute), Christine Peterson (Protus3), and Wendy Fletcher-Hardee (Atlantic Coast Trucking). I’m not currently a member of NAWBO, so it was serendipitous that I even heard about the luncheon and, even more so, that my calendar was open for the event date and time. If there were successful women who wanted to share strategies with those of us who’d love to be in their millionaire shoes, then I was going to be there. And I’m so glad that I attended.

The panel discussion was relaxed and relatable, yet full of insights that I couldn’t do justice in repeating. Instead, here are some of the key thoughts that resonated with me on both personal and professional levels:

  • If you see opportunities, jump on them. Some will work; some won’t. You’ll never know the outcome if you don’t seize them.
  • Passion for what you do will help sustain your business through its ups and downs over the years. And there will be ups and downs.
  • Stand firm when you know you’re right. Speak your truth as loud as you can. Do the right thing no matter what.
  • Be stubborn and resilient. Everything takes longer than you want it to.
  • Never stop learning, improving, growing yourself (and those around you).
  • Beware of false emergencies. Keep your business and personal life separate as much as you can, and learn how to detach yourself from your cell phone and email.

Do any of these million-dollar nuggets of wisdom speak to you? Be sure to share your thoughts or other success strategies below!